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Adoption of a British-led Resolution on Sudan

On November 5th 2021, following a special session to address the "implications of the ongoing situation in the Republic of the Sudan", the United Nations Human Rights Council adopted a British-led resolution on Sudan (A/HRC/S-32/L.1), resultantly appointing an independent human rights expert (assigned to the UN Khartoum regional office) to monitor the human rights situation in the country.

Ideally, the appointment duration shall last until the restoration of the civilian government.

The military takeover on the 25th of October 2021 has further exacerbated Sudan’s political crisis, particularly considering the military’s continued efforts towards dismissing the commitments of the transitional government, including provisions regarding transitional justice, institutional reforms, anti-corruption, and guarantee of non-recurrence of past abuses, according to the UN.

Within that framework, recognizing the disproportionate and deadly use of force against peaceful protestors, the arbitrary & unlawful arrests of civilian government and political leaders, human rights defenders, journalists and students, restrictions placed on the freedom of expression and movement, as well as the rights to freedom of association and of peaceful assembly, the resolution is a vital step to “ensuring accountability for the human rights violations/abuses and restoring democratic governance in Sudan,” as stated by Germany's ambassador to the UN.

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