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Protesters persist in displaying their utmost anger and dissatisfaction against the decomposition of approximately 190 bodies in the hospitals morgue of Khartoum, many of which are believed to be the “missing” martyrs of the June 3 Massacre.

The Sudanese Professionals Association (SPA) has documented more than 100 cases of people who went missing during the violent dismantling of the sit-in in front of the army command in Khartoum on June 3.

The distrust evolved in October of 2019 after the Sudanese Doctors Central Committee accused several hospital morgues of providing misleading information to the families of missing protesters, denying the fact that they were harboring the bodies of their family members, when in actuality, they were.

As today marks the third day of the sit in, protestors demand a thorough inspection and counting of all the bodies currently at the morgues and the conduction of DNA examination of the remains for identification. Moreover, they appealed to the Director of the Ministry of Health to support the legal process for the retribution in regards to the killings of the Martyrs.

Hence, the National Commission for Human Rights highlighted that the situation is saddening and a clear violation of the people’s health. Furthermore, they stressed on the necessity in carrying out investigations on the bodies with the relevant authorities and thus announced the formation of a fact-finding committee which officially began its duties this Sunday.