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Ladies and Gentlemen,

The third training course was a valuable opportunity for the Institute to reflect, consult and dialogue with a group of officers, and to engage them on several topics within the human rights domain related to integrating a gender approach and Security Council Resolution 1325.

During the course, which lasted for 4 days, we grasped the necessity and importance in enhancing our knowledge on international and humanitarian issues, which was reflected in the level of enthusiastic participation of our members, their full perseverance and their complete discipline in punctuality and performance.

This illuminated the importance of the work done by the Geneva Institute for Human Rights in Sudan and further demonstrated that the joint project with Rapid Support Forces represents a high value strategic effort that reflects Sudan’s aspiration in promoting a strong culture of human rights within the country.

Moreover, the positive feedback by the participants in the training course gave us a good indication of how to deal with training and the national monitoring of human rights issues.

On this occasion, we welcome the continuation of such training courses for Rapid Support Forces, and recommend that such capacity building be prioritized by governmental and non-governmental agencies charged with the preparation of national reports in the field of human rights and following up on the implementation of the recommendations issued by international mechanisms to which Sudan is a party.