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As the sit-in in Khartoum against the neglect of martyr bodies at the El Tamiz Hospital Morgue continues, the citizens of El Obeid have begun to protest due to the lack of safe drinking water in the North Kordofan capital. Similarly, the people of South Darfur are persistent in their demand for the adequate and equal provisions of water, electricity and healthcare.

Protestors met with a delegation from the state government earlier this Sunday to discuss the demands of the people. Unfortunately, the meeting was unsuccessful in providing solutions to mitigate the crisis. Moreover, other areas in Sudan including Khartoum and North Darfur have also fallen victim to the water crisis.

Sudan is facing an ecological crisis, water scarcity to be exact. Due to the lack of action in finding ways to purify and provide sufficient clean water, the demand for water increases as inversely its availability to the country's inhabitants continually remains low.

It is also important to note that Covid-19 continues to contribute to Sudan's deteriorating socio-economic situation. The combining factors that currently plague the State have led to the inability of many to access basic needs and services.